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Affiliate Programs for Online Poker and Casinos

Affiliate Programs for Online Poker and Casinos

Would you like to profit from the Internet Poker and Online Casino boom? Affiliate Programs are the key. Read this page and then decide if you may enjoy having some nice side income.

Q: How does an affiliate (like Shark) profit?

A: I refer players to Online Poker rooms and Casinos. When those players deposit an affiliate (Shark, or you if you hit a banner and sign up) makes a small amount of money from the rake collected (from Poker) or the losses of a Casino player. This is an Affiliates reward for sending a Poker/Casino site a valuable customer.

Q: Am I paid for the lifetime of the player, or only on the first deposit?

A: This is my favorite part. Most commission sales are a one time commission. If I sold a car, I got paid once. Then the dealer made money for years on service, parts, etc. As an affiliate, you benefit from a player that you refer for as long as he/she continues playing. The player is marked with your unique tag and as a result, all of his/her net rakes or Casino losses are tracked to you. This is referred to as 'residual' or lifetime income. Poker/Casinos are 24-7. And it is played all over the world.

Remember as your referred players improve they play higher levels. Higher level play means more rake/profits. The Poker players that don’t improve will bust out and may not come back. But, what if you know some good players? I have one player that pays my 2004 Grand Cherokee payment each month. A good 10/20 player could pay your mortgage.

Some Poker sites allow you to take a one time fee for a referred player. Typically this is 75-100 dollars. You forfeit long term rake back on this plan but get a nice commission at the end of the month. A few only allow this “one time” fee. One time payouts are called “CPA”. Rake back commission plans are called “MGR”. Read the rules for each site and make your decision. Or email me for advice.

Important: Are my friends paying more so I can make a commission? NO! This is a % of the 100% that a site would take if the player was not referred. Usually it is 20 to 40%. You can also make a small % on players your player signs up. This is called “multi-tiered”. A “tiered” system rewards the best salespeople. The sites you refer players to handle all the stat keeping, send your money between the 5th and the 15th for all previous months business and then they transfer it directly into your Neteller account (some will transfer to your Poker account).

I don’t handle products, pay shipping, or keep records on players hands played or slot losses. The sites I work for handle all the “heavy lifting”. I just promote my sites and take care of my friends/players. It’s really an easy business and very low overhead.

Not all sites use tiers and some only do a 2 level system. Always read info on Affiliate page for the rules for each site. Or email me for help.

Some affiliates offer huge percentages as kickbacks or rakebacks to bigger players. Most sites allow this (not all), and it is sometimes necessary to do this to keep a good player. Don’t forget if you keep him/her happy you may collect for the next 50 years from that players rake or Casino losses. I believe it’s better to make something instead of making nothing. Keep in touch with your players! Give them tee shirts or low buyin entries to Tourneys for being a high volume player.

As your players move up in limits and begin to play 2, 4 or even 12 tables your income will go up as you look for new players to add to your team.

Q: Do I need a web site?

A: No. Most Poker/Casinos like you to have one but you can hand out my great business cards (they are like a flyer) with your personal code on them and your players will enter that code at sign-up. This will track them to you for life. Poker is huge and everyone is talking about it. I have to restock my large stack of cards every week at my favorite Sushi Restaurant. Recently, I walked into a Pizza Restaurant and the 3 guys making pizza all play online. Just say, “hey, do you guys play Poker?” A large percentage will say yes. I then explain that we have Free Tourneys for cash prizes! They get my card and I have a new player or 3. You really don’t have to sell it. Free….Tourneys….Cash Prizes. Give them your (or my) card with your code on it. Tell them to put that code in the “referred by” box and you are all done. Later I suggest a web site to grow, but grocery store bulletin boards, restaurant counters and word of mouth work great also.

A free blog works well if you can write interesting stories and keep it updated.

Ready to start? It’s a free program. Click one of the banners or links on this page. These are all good affiliate programs that I use. Read all the information they offer on their sites, and get comfortable with how they work. Start with just one or two sites you like. Sign up and get your bonus code. Some may take a day or two to approve you and then send you your own code. If the sign up requires a web page you can use mine since that is where you are referring them until you start a site.

As your sponsor I get a very small % or your players since I brought you in. On multi-tiered programs you can do the same with your friends. The best part of this for you is your ability to offer your players Shark Freerolls without having to do your own events. Most of our players are telling their friends about our great freerolls but not getting paid for it. Sign up as an Affiliate now. When your friends are ready to deposit you will get paid for being a good salesperson and helping out our team. Email us after you register for a stack of business cards to get started.

As Online Shark LLC grows we will offer bigger (more money added) Tourneys which will benefit all our Shark Army members and your players.

Interested in becoming a Shark Powered Network Private Label site? We are interested in partnering or outright owners for our growing team. Would you like us to set you up with a great turnkey business? This is a growing, low overhead business with huge profit potential. Email us if you would like your own site with our support.

Need help or have questions about these affiliate programs? Email now:

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 About Rakeback

Online poker sites earn their money by taking a portion of the players money in every cash pot and tournament. This is known as rake or fees. The rake or fees are usually 5% to 10% of any cash pot or tournament. Playing any amount of cash hands or poker tourneys accumulates a large portion of player rake and fees. To encourage players to play at their sites these poker rooms will pay anywhere from 27% to 65% of your rake paid back to you. Signing up for a poker site with us and getting the top rates we negotiate for our players ensures that you get the greatest amount of rake repayment possible from the online poker rooms. Choose your choice of online poker room from the list on the left and start earning rakeback now!