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Rake Races and huge freerolls this month.           Fulltilt freeroll this month is $15,000.                          Absolute Poker freeroll is $15,000.                 These are just two of the many freerolls we offer!
Professional, Pro Poker Players, Online Screen Names

These professional poker player online screen names are correct to the best of our knowledge (note: many pros change their screen names regularly, so there are bound to be some old/incorrect listings.) If you'd like to help us out and send in known screen names, please do. If you have evidence of an error, or are a pro wanting a correction, please Email Us and we will amend the listing.

PokerStars Screen Names 

Aaron Bartley – GambleAB
Barry Greenstein – crazyplayr
Barry Greenstein-barryg1
Brett Jungblutt - gank
Chip Jett - capnncoke
Chris Moneymaker - money800
Cliff Josephy – JohnnyBax
Dan Negreanu – KidPoker
Dan Negreanu-DoubleSuited
Dario Minieri – Dariominieri
David Benyamine - magicpitch
David Colclough - el blondie
David Williams – RugDoctor
Dustin Woolf – neverwin
EDOGN- Erick Lindgren
Edward Moncada – ebolivia
Erick Lindgren - EDOGN
Erik Sagstrom – Erik123
Evelyn Ng – Evybabee
Gavin Griffin – wsop2005
Greg Raymer - fossilman
Gus Hansen - Brokski
Hans Lund – luckysucker
Hans “Tuna” Lund - luckysucker
HowardLederer – the shrike
Hoyt Corkins – EasyH
Hoyt Corkins-EasyH
Isabelle Mercier – NoMercy
Jason Strasser – strassa2
Jim Meehan – actiondonkey
Joe Cassidy – Butch Acidy
Joe Hachem – JoeHachem
John Juanda – luckbox
Jon Dagastino - Jdags
Josh Arieh - razorbax 
Kirill Gerasimov - Dblgutshot
Layne Flack - reloadthis
luckysucker- Hans "Tuna" Lund
Mark Seif – Buster Love
Matt Dean – mattpackage
Michael Mizrachi – TheGrinder
Mike the Mouth Matusouw - MrPokeJoke
MrPokeJoke- Mike Matusouw
Noah Boeken – Exclusive
Paul Darden – D-Rockkk
Paul Phillips – extempore
Pete Giordano - TheBeat
Phil Hellmuth - #1_Lucky_One
Prahlad Friedman - Prefontaine
Prefontaine- Prahlad Friedman
razorbax- Josh Arieh
reloadthis- Layne Flack
Richard Brodie – QuietLion
Richard Grijalva – gotmilk
Scott Fischman – Emptyseat88
Scott Fischman-Emptyseat88
Scotty Ngugen – Noo limit
Shawn Keller – chickenlittl
Simon “Aces” Trumper – PateK
Tam “Tommy” Hang – minatmms
Ted Forrest – theprofess
Thomas “Thunder” Keller – bigglesworth
Todd Witteles – Dan Druff
Tom Mcevoy – tom mcevoy
Tuan Lam – TuanLam
WestTexasMan – Shawn Rice
Wil Wheaton – Wil Wheaton

Ultimate Bet Screen Names

Annie Duke - AnnieDuke
Phil Hellmuth - PhilHellmuth
Devilfish - David Ulliot
Antonio Esfandiari - MagicAntonio
LayneFlack - Layne Flack
joe buttons - Phil Ivey
psykokwak-Bruno Fitoussi
Erik123-Erik Sagstrom
atl-angela - Josh Arieh
dill pickle - Mike Matosow
Mahatma - Prahlad Friedman
Tallphil - Phil Gordon
empty chair - Eric Sidel
scottynguyen - Scotty Nguyen
(seldom plays on UB)
Ticker Erik Lindgren
Peasant - Juha Helpi
bizingo is Ben Affleck
tiltboy, Rafe Furst
Krullis, Daniel Larsson
wetspot, Harley Hall
Zhuge Liang, John Juana
kid55 is Freddie Deeb
thunderkeller = Thomas Keller
JohhnyBax-Cliff Josephy
Brsavage-Chris Savage
Poker HO-Mark Kroon
NSXT1-Todd Arnold
KrazyKanuck-James Worth
Quiet Lion - Richard Brodie
ebolivia - Moncada, Edward
bottsky - Kevin Bott
Green Plastic - Taylor Caby,
mattpackage - Matt Dean
WestTexasMan- Shawn Rice
ZeeJustin - Justin Bonomo
"Miami" John Cernuto - Miami John
Scott Fischman-Emptyseat88


Full Tilt Pros
Aaron Bartley
Joe Beevers
Andy Bloch
Barny Boatman
Ross Boatman
Farzad Bonyadi
Alan Boston
Steve Brecher
Richard Brodie
Allen Cunningham
John D'Agostino
Chris Ferguson
Eli Elezra
Brad Booth
David Benyamine

Perry Friedman 
Rafe Furst
Kristy Gazes
Phil Gordon
Clonie Gowen
David Grey
Jennifer Harman
Phil Ivey
John Juanda
Howard Lederer
Toto Leonidas
Erick Lindgren
Greg Mascio
Mike Matusow
Robert Mizrachi
David Oppenheim
Stuart Paterson
Ben Roberts
Erik Seidel
Keith Sexton
David Singer
Gavin Smith
Ram Vaswani
Mark Vos
Paul Wolfe
Steve Zolotow

More Full Tilt Screen Names:
Profbackwards = Ted Forrest
mrnutz = Thomas Keller
Luigi66369 = Patrik Antonius
Ballsrider = David Benyamine
looseslots = David Benyamine
LFISGD = Brad Booth
Erik1223 = Erik Sagstrom
CaseyAtTheBat = Chip Reese
888poker = Chau Giang
Nizot Skizard = Joe Cassidy
eastsideslim = Dustin Woolf
TeeDitty = Tuan Le
Arbianight = Rami Boukai
EazyPeazy = Abe Mosseri
Mafews = Rory Mathews
Willis Fillers = Willis Fillers
SheFaLLs = Ozzy 87
Miss Lulu = Robert Williamson III
FakeSky = Daniel Alaei
fidelio = Joe Sebok
Son-in-law = Zubin Patel
batoelrob = Rob Hollink
Poltergeist = Ray Dehkharghani
sbrugby = Brian Townsend
Heathh69 = Heath Hitchcock

Shoe Lab = Chau Giang (Rumored)
SxMxF = Michael Mizrachi (Rumored)
CrazyZachary = Barry Greenstein (Rumored)

Internet Pros - Top Online Players
aaronbeen - Aaron Been
ActionJeff - Jeff Garza
B_O_K_E - Dan Bokesh
Beanie - Paul Nobles
BrooDogg - Sean Bruder
brsavage - Chris Savage
Duff McGuire - Mike Skelton
Fox - Chris Wallace
GambleAB - Aaron Bartley
Gigabet - Daryl Dickens
GotSkillz? - Ryan Fisler
Green Plastic - Taylor Caby
Jennicide - Jennifer Leigh
JohnnyBax - Cliff Josephy
muchaka - Corey Cheresnick
muddywater - Andrew Wiggins
NSXT2 - Todd Arnold
Ozzy87 - Auranzeb Sheikh
Pearl Jammer - Jon Turner
POker HO- Mark Kroon
Rizen - Eric Lynch
Roothlus - Adam Levy
SamENole - Matt Smith
Seal - David Eisenstien
Sheets - Eric Haber
Stinger885 - Brian Hastings
TheBeat - Pete Giordano
TheDonator - Stuart Patterson
The Shrike - Jeff Henry
The Takeover - Nick Shulman
TheWacoKidd - Jared Hamby
yellowsub - Jeff Williams

Please realize the pros are "on the job" while they are getting pounded by questions. Some are okay with a few questions. Be polite and patient and maybe you can get a few answers back. They may be playing 8 tables and not have time. Don't take it personal.

If you would like to help us out and send in known screen names, please do. If you see an error or are a pro wanting a correction please email us and we will correct it if you have evidence of an error. Don't just guess though. Have a reason to believe it is the correct player. We get many of ours from Pro Tourneys online that list players names next to their screen names when they cash.

All players pay rake. We have a deal with the poker sites so our players get their rake back.

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