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What is rake?
Rake is a commission fee taken by the poker room for operating a poker game. Generally the rake is between 5% of the pot, taken after each poker hand. Generally the maximum rake per hand is $3. They also charge fees for entering tournaments.

What is rakeback?
All players contribute to rake or tournament fees. Rakeback is the refund of a % of rake or poker tournament fees given back to the player. Rakeback offers are normally between 25 and 50%. If you receive 40% rakeback, and you have contributed in $1000 rake in a month, you will receive 40% of your rake back to you, in this case $400. So the more hands you play, or the more you rake, the more rake back you will get back. Most site also pay the same % back for tourney,. For a $10 tourney fee you would get back $4. If you do not have rake back you will never get money back form the poker site. Rake back is paid to all players whether they play micro stakes or high stakes. The poker room basically pays back a portion of the cash that you pay them.

What is a Rakeback Provider?
A rakeback provider is a company which advertises poker rooms that allow you to get rake back.  

For advertising their poker site the poker room pays the rake back provider a portion of your rake.The provider then passes this amount to you. No player should ever open a poker account without rakeback. This can only be done through a rake back provider. Read about

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All players pay rake. We have a deal with the poker sites so our players get their rake back.

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 About Rakeback

Online poker sites earn their money by taking a portion of the players money in every cash pot and tournament. This is known as rake or fees. The rake or fees are usually 5% to 10% of any cash pot or tournament. Playing any amount of cash hands or poker tourneys accumulates a large portion of player rake and fees. To encourage players to play at their sites these poker rooms will pay anywhere from 27% to 65% of your rake paid back to you. Signing up for a poker site with us and getting the top rates we negotiate for our players ensures that you get the greatest amount of rake repayment possible from the online poker rooms. Choose your choice of online poker room from the list on the left and start earning rakeback now!